Where are you based ? Where do you travel to cover weddings?

I am based in La Paz, Bolivia but I can work in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz or anywhere in Bolivia or even the world. As a former travel photographer I find it easy to move around and am flexible on arrangements.

How would you define your photography style?

I like to consider myself as a contemporary photojournalist even tough it is difficult to fall into one category only. While working with photography nowadays you have to wear several hats. Best would be to say that I have a documentary style with some fine art, more creative inputs. I am definitely looking for spontaneous shots that will capture the true emotions.

Does being a foreigner make your photographer’s work more difficult?

During my travels I photographed many places and situations. In countries like India or China it was almost impossible to communicate with people, but still it’s amazing how much you can achieve with a smile and simple gestures. Working in Bolivia I don’t have that much communication issues. On the other hand sometimes being a foreigner make taking pictures easier, people are more interested of you, start to chat. And it usually helps to have an outsider’s perception while photographing, which combined with my cultural sensitivity and knowing current trends in world’s contemporary photography usually gives good results.

Are you the best wedding photographer for our wedding?

Yes and no. Some people are likely to enjoy more traditional pictures. For example as for weddings some would choose to have only posed family photos over the reportage-style photos I am always trying to deliver. Others will allow me more flexibility and they will encourage my personal vision of their wedding. I highly encourage everybody to make a bit of a research before deciding to hire one photographer or another. Not only photographer’s style is important, you should also “go together” well.

How soon should I book you for our wedding/event?

Usually 3 months before your date is enough, but the sooner the better.

Are you working alone? Do you have an assistant?

I cover small events alone. As for medium ones I often come with an assistant. As for bigger events I team up with a second photographer.

How long do you stay on a wedding day?

I stay an average of 10 hours from the getting ready to the party.

How long does it take you to deliver our photos?

More or less 2 weeks.

What equipment do you use?

I use Canon 5D camera with a few bright L lenses. For post-processing I use calibrated wide color gamut displays.